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Clarification of stance on Brooksville cell towers

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We recognize the need for cell tower service in Brooksville for reasons of safety and practicality. The 100 or so people who signed the petition asking to vote on a moratorium on the building of cell towers in Brooksville are not opposed to cell towers, per se, but advocate/request that the sites be chosen carefully, taking into consideration safe distances from residential areas and schools. The sites should also be planned in the context of a larger grid to avoid redundancy.

The Global Tower Partners/AT&T contracted site for a 190’ tower on Town House Road is about 200’ from the nearest residence and is located across the street from the town’s athletic field. The 250’ US Cellular tower on the populated Ferry Road, scheduled to be in operation by October, will largely service Castine.

How many towers do we need? Deer Isle has issued permits for three towers; will one of those meet the needs of Buck’s Harbor? It is rumored that there are two sites under contract in Cape Rosier.

A moratorium would allow time to discuss and develop ordinances for the placement of cell towers. To paraphrase Rob Shetterly’s comment during a recent town meeting, “We need to think in terms of what our needs are as a town (and as citizens), not what the cell tower company’s needs are.”

Kerry Brokaw

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