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Castine, Community and the Comprehensive Plan Archive

Castine, Community and the Comprehensive Plan Archive

The Comprehensive Plan was passed in 2010, and since that time selectmen have appointed various committees to work towards implementing its recommendations. Some efforts, like funding economic development and steps towards more affordable housing, have been successful while others, like relaxing land use restrictions, particularly in the rural, off-neck district, have not. Is there a disconnect between the comprehensive plan and what the majority of the community will support?

The Castine Comprehensive Plan

Survey Results from Community and Economic Development Committee


  1. Years after updating the comprehensive plan, Castine still works to achieve its goals
    Castine Patriot, 3/20/14
  2. Castine pastors weigh in on community, consensus and bridging the gap
    Castine Patriot, 2/13/14
  3. Notice of Castine Patriot office closing and editorial explaining the closure
    Castine Patriot, 1/16/14
  4. Castine Planning board green-lights subdivision site plan at mobile home park
    Castine Patriot, 1/16/14
  5. Castine citizens deny land use changes in special town meeting vote
    Castine Patriot, 9/26/13

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