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DISHS Sports Archive

A complete collection of sports coverage for the Deer Isle-Stonington High School Mariners.


  1. DISHS Spring Sports Focus 2014
    Island Ad-Vantages, 5/1/14
  2. DISHS Winter Post-season Scrapbook 2014
    Island Ad-Vantages, 2/20/14
  3. DISHS Winter Sports Focus 2013/2014
    Island Ad-Vantages, 12/12/13
  4. Winter Sports Schedule 2013/2014
    Island Ad-Vantages, 11/27/13
  5. Deer Isle-Stonington High School Post-Season Scrapbook Fall 2013
    Island Ad-Vantages, 11/4/13
  6. Deer Isle-Stonington High School Post-Season Sports Section 2013
    Island Ad-Vantages, 6/13/13
  7. Deer Isle-Stonington Mariners Spring Sports Focus
    Island Ad-Vantages, 4/25/13
  8. Deer Isle-Stonington Mariners Winter Post-season Scrapbook 2013
    Community News, 2/21/13
  9. Deer Isle-Stonington Mariners Winter Sports Focus 2012
    Community News, 12/13/12
  10. Deer Isle-Stonington Post-season Scrapbook Fall 2012
    Island Ad-Vantages, 11/1/12
  11. Deer Isle-Stonington Mariners Fall Sports Schedules 2012
    Community News, 9/13/12
  12. Deer Isle-Stonington Mariners Winter Sports Preview
    Island Ad-Vantages, 12/9/10
  13. Deer Isle-Stonington Mariners Post-season Scrapbook
  14. Deer Isle-Stonington Mariners Fall Sports Preview


  1. Scott's Sport Spot 30th January 2014
  2. Scott's Sport Spot 23rd January 2014
  3. Scott's Sport Spot 16 January 2014
  4. Scott's Sport Spot 9 January 2014
  5. Scott's Sport Spot 19 December 2013
  6. Scott's Sport Spot 24th October 2013
  7. DISHS Soccer 26th September 2013
  8. DISHS Soccer team vs. Jonesport
  9. Scott's Sport Spot
  10. The Deer Isle-Stonington Mariner cheerleading squad


  1. Mariner tennis team swings into action in Deer Isle, Maine
  2. Open season for the Lady Mariners
  3. The Mariner cheerleaders heading to states
  4. Post-season play


  1. Both DISHS teams end season with a win
    Island Ad-Vantages, 10/23/14
  2. DISHS Girls get third win
    Island Ad-Vantages, 10/16/14
  3. No DISHS wins this week
    Island Ad-Vantages, 10/9/14
  4. DIS girls playing well with tie and close loss
    Island Ad-Vantages, 9/25/14
  5. DISHS Girls win first two games
    Island Ad-Vantages, 9/11/14
  6. DISHS Soccer Season Preview
    Island Ad-Vantages, 9/11/14
  7. Spring sports awards handed out
    Island Ad-Vantages, 7/3/14
  8. DISHS Girls going to Eastern Maine finals
    Island Ad-Vantages, 6/19/14
  9. DISHS Girls in playoffs after close loss
    Island Ad-Vantages, 6/12/14
  10. DISHS girls get four wins; boys get two
    Island Ad-Vantages, 6/5/14
  11. Deer Isle-Stonington baseball gets first win and softball gets three more
    Island Ad-Vantages, 5/29/14
  12. Both DISHS tennis teams get two wins
    Island Ad-Vantages, 5/15/14
  13. DISHS Girls rock—softball and tennis get wins
    Island Ad-Vantages, 5/8/14
  14. Only DISHS boys make post season
    Island Ad-Vantages, 2/13/14
  15. Post season play remains a possibility for Mariners teams
    Island Ad-Vantages, 2/6/14
  16. No wins this week for DISHS
    Island Ad-Vantages, 1/30/14
  17. Mariners basketball team asks MMA and Castine to “Think Pink”
    Castine Patriot, 1/30/14
  18. DISHS Boys are winners this week
    Island Ad-Vantages, 1/23/14
  19. DISHS Boys get only win in busy week
    Island Ad-Vantages, 1/16/14
  20. DISHS Boys get only win amongst postponements
    Island Ad-Vantages, 1/9/14
  21. DISHS cheerleaders turn pennies into holiday cheer
    Island Ad-Vantages, 12/19/13
  22. DISHS Girls get first win and boys win two more
    Island Ad-Vantages, 12/19/13
  23. Mariners start strong, but fall to Curry
    Castine Patriot, 11/21/13
  24. Fall sports awards honor DISHS student athletes
    Island Ad-Vantages, 11/14/13
  25. Mariners shut out Farmington for semifinal berth
    Castine Patriot, 11/7/13
  26. Mariners football team gets first season win
    Castine Patriot, 10/31/13
  27. DISHS Girls lose last game to Narraguagus
    Island Ad-Vantages, 10/31/13
  28. Deer Isle-Stonington's Boys to play Jonesport in playoffs
    Island Ad-Vantages, 10/24/13
  29. DISHS Girls get a tie and boys will be in playoffs
    Island Ad-Vantages, 10/10/13
  30. DISHS Boys win twice
    Island Ad-Vantages, 10/10/13
  31. DISHS Soccer teams post victories
    Island Ad-Vantages, 9/26/13
  32. Deer Isle team takes second at annual Grindle Tournament
    Island Ad-Vantages, 9/19/13
  33. DISHS Boys beat Jonesport for first win
    Island Ad-Vantages, 9/19/13
  34. DISHS Spring sports awards
    Island Ad-Vantages, 6/20/13
  35. DISHS baseball coach Darren Eaton retiring
    Island Ad-Vantages, 6/20/13
  36. DISHS Boys tennis loses in quarterfinals
    Island Ad-Vantages, 6/6/13
  37. DISHS Boys wind up season with loss in prelims
    Island Ad-Vantages, 6/6/13
  38. With four wins in a row, DISHS girls head for the quarterfinals
    Island Ad-Vantages, 6/6/13
  39. DISHS Boys tennis wins last game and hosts a playoff game
    Island Ad-Vantages, 5/30/13
  40. DISHS Baseball, softball teams post wins
    Island Ad-Vantages, 5/30/13
  41. Glenn Billings to retire from boys basketball
    Island Ad-Vantages, 5/23/13
  42. DISHS Softball and baseball teams get wins
    Island Ad-Vantages, 5/23/13
  43. DISHS Tennis teams lose close matches
    Island Ad-Vantages, 5/16/13
  44. DISHS Girls get lone win
  45. DISHS Softball, boys tennis teams off to a good start
    Island Ad-Vantages, 4/25/13
  46. DISHS Boys tennis opens with five wins
    Island Ad-Vantages, 4/25/13
  47. DISHS winter sports awards handed out
    Island Ad-Vantages, 3/14/13
  48. Mariners team places first in region, sixth in state in Junior Achievement competition
    Island Ad-Vantages, 2/21/13
  49. DISHS Basketball teams set sights on post-season play
    Island Ad-Vantages, 2/7/13
  50. Mariner cheerleaders take East-West regional title
    Island Ad-Vantages, 1/31/13
  51. Both DISHS teams get two wins
    Island Ad-Vantages, 1/31/13
  52. DISHS Boys avenge loss to Machias
    Island Ad-Vantages, 1/24/13
  53. Both DISHS teams get two wins
    Island Ad-Vantages, 1/17/13
  54. DISHS girls get 2 wins and boys beat Bangor Christian
    Island Ad-Vantages, 1/10/13
  55. Both DISHS teams win their games
    Island Ad-Vantages, 1/3/13
  56. Both DISHS girls and boys get wins
    Island Ad-Vantages, 12/20/12
  57. DISHS Boys end season on a high note
    Island Ad-Vantages, 10/25/12
  58. DISHS Girls win preliminary playoff game, lose in quarterfinals
    Island Ad-Vantages, 10/25/12
  59. Sam Grindle wins State Class C Golf Tournament
    Island Ad-Vantages, 10/18/12
  60. DISHS Girls win two more games; boys get first win
    Island Ad-Vantages, 10/18/12
  61. DISHS Girls soccer team gets another win
    Island Ad-Vantages, 10/11/12
  62. DISHS Golf team is fifth in state
    Island Ad-Vantages, 10/11/12
  63. DISHS Golf team second in PVC championship
    Island Ad-Vantages, 10/4/12
  64. All DISHS teams see some success this week
    Island Ad-Vantages, 9/20/12
  65. DIS Spring sports awards handed out
    Island Ad-Vantages, 6/21/12
  66. DISHS Boys lose playoff bid 2-1
    Island Ad-Vantages, 6/14/12
  67. DISHS Girls in Eastern Maine Final
    Island Ad-Vantages, 6/14/12
  68. DISHS boys tennis lose close match in playoffs
    Island Ad-Vantages, 6/7/12
  69. DISHS softball and baseball teams beat GSA, head into playoffs
    Island Ad-Vantages, 6/7/12
  70. Both DISHS teams get four wins
    Island Ad-Vantages, 5/31/12
  71. Sydney Ouzts makes 500 strikeouts
    Island Ad-Vantages, 5/31/12
  72. Both DISHS teams take care of business
    Island Ad-Vantages, 5/24/12
  73. DISHS girls still undefeated
    Island Ad-Vantages, 5/17/12
  74. DISHS softball still undefeated while baseball beats Lee Academy
    Island Ad-Vantages, 5/10/12
  75. DIS Mariners teams continue their winning ways
    Island Ad-Vantages, 5/3/12
  76. DIS Mariners chess teams bring home two top-10 national finishes
    Island Ad-Vantages, 5/3/12
  77. DIS Softball, baseball, boys tennis all start with wins
    Island Ad-Vantages, 4/26/12
  78. DIS State chess champs head to San Diego for K-9 nationals
    Island Ad-Vantages, 4/26/12
  79. DISHS Winter sports awards
    Island Ad-Vantages, 3/22/12
  80. DIS Mariners bring home five state chess trophies
    Island Ad-Vantages, 3/8/12
  81. DISHS Girls lose playoff game to Washburn
    Island Ad-Vantages, 2/23/12
  82. DISHS Boys beat Washburn in playoffs
    Island Ad-Vantages, 2/23/12
  83. Victory is a sweet Valentine for the DISHS Mariners
  84. DISHS Mariners to play preliminary playoff games
  85. DISHS girls get two wins and the boys get one
    Island Ad-Vantages, 2/9/12
  86. DISHS Mariners girls and boys teams both get wins
    Island Ad-Vantages, 2/2/12
  87. DISHS Boys get three wins and girls one more
    Island Ad-Vantages, 1/19/12
  88. Both DISHS teams get two wins
    Island Ad-Vantages, 1/12/12
  89. DISHS Boys beat Bucksport for big win
    Island Ad-Vantages, 1/5/12
  90. Island chess team is going strong
    Island Ad-Vantages, 12/15/11
  91. Both DISHS teams open season with a win
    Island Ad-Vantages, 12/15/11
  92. Nineteenth chess-a-thon boasts 57 players
    Island Ad-Vantages, 12/1/11
  93. DISHS Fall sports awards
    Island Ad-Vantages, 11/17/11
  94. ’Tis the season for chess
    Island Ad-Vantages, 10/6/11
  95. DISHS Boys soccer team loses to Bangor Christian
    Island Ad-Vantages, 10/27/11
  96. DISHS Girls face Central Aroostook in preliminary soccer playoff
    Island Ad-Vantages, 10/20/11
  97. DISHS Golf team fifth in state tournament
    Island Ad-Vantages, 10/13/11
  98. DISHS Golf team qualifies for states, girls win two more
    Island Ad-Vantages, 10/6/11
  99. DIS Golf team and girls win again
    Island Ad-Vantages, 9/29/11
  100. DIS golf still undefeated and girls win again
    Island Ad-Vantages, 9/22/11
  101. DIS Golf team still undefeated; girls get first win
    Island Ad-Vantages, 9/15/11
  102. DIS Golf team wins first two matches
    Island Ad-Vantages, 9/8/11
  103. DIS Spring sports awards
    Island Ad-Vantages, 6/23/11
  104. Girls win Eastern Maine finals; boys lose in playoffs
  105. Both DIS ball teams in playoffs—girls at home
  106. DIS Girls win 5 games and boys win three in busy week
  107. DIS Softball and baseball teams get wins; girls tennis gets first win
  108. Both DIS ball teams get multiple wins
  109. DIS Chess team comes through at championship
  110. DIS Girls beat GSA in softball
  111. DIS Softball and baseball win first game
  112. DIS high school jazz band makes successful trip to state competition
  113. DIS Chess players cross the bridge with three trophies
  114. DIS Winter sports awards
  115. Humphrey is Maine’s female chess champion
  116. Three DIS teams take three more state chess titles
  117. DIS Girls continue in tournament; boys lose
  118. Mariner boys move on to quarter-finals
  119. DIS Cheerleaders take runner-up position in state competition
  120. Both DIS teams in tournament
  121. Regular DIS season ends this week
  122. Six games, five wins for DIS boys and girls
  123. Island cheerleaders sailing on to state competition
  124. Each DIS team gets multiple wins this week
  125. Each DIS basketball team gets a win
  126. Both DISHS teams get two wins
  127. No DISHS wins over Christmas
  128. DISHS Girls win three more to stay undefeated
  129. Both DISHS teams open with victories
  130. DISHS Girls still undefeated and boys have rough week
  131. DISHS Boys soccer completes growing season
  132. DISHS Girls lose first game but stay in fifth place
  133. DISHS Girls and boys both get wins and ties
  134. DISHS Girls stay undefeated
  135. DISHS Girls still undefeated and golf team heads to tournament

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