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Blue Hill
Originally published in The Weekly Packet, June 16, 2022
School acts swiftly to reports of gun on campus
Notifies sheriff’s office immediately

By david avery

blue hill—On Wednesday, June 8, a student brought what was later confirmed to be a BB gun to school, according to George Stevens Academy Head of School Tim Seeley.

In correspondence addressed to George Stevens Academy families and sent on Friday, Seeley explained the incident and what GSA did about it.

The student brought the gun on campus and showed it to other students, Seeley wrote. When the school learned of the incident from student reporting, the school notified the sheriff’s office and, by Thursday, the student and others had been interviewed.

“According to the Sheriff’s Office, the likelihood of danger to our community seems low,” Seeley wrote in the letter.

Nevertheless, he added, “instances like these are alarming.”

The sheriff’s investigation has concluded, Seeley said in an interview on Wednesday, June 15.

“We have no reason to think the student actually intended to do anything other than show it to other students,” Seeley wrote.

The student agreed to stay away from campus on Friday, June 10, the final day of the school year, Seeley said.

He emphasized that bringing a weapon on campus is “extremely serious” and that the school’s investigation continues, he added.

The mood on campus on Friday was upbeat, despite the incident, he said.