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Originally published in The Weekly Packet, May 7, 2021
Brooklin town meeting to be held in person
GSA tuition request included in school budget

by Jeffrey B. Roth

Unlike Blue Hill, Surry and Sedgwick, Brooklin is holding an in-person annual town meeting on Saturday, May 15, in the Brooklin School gym, beginning at 9 a.m.

Town Clerk Heather Candage said that residents are encouraged to follow CDC mask guidelines. Social distancing guidelines will be followed in the gym.

“There are 60 town warrant articles,” Candage said. “Then, there are school articles as well.”

The Brooklin select and school board members voted to include the George Stevens Academy $1,000 per-student tuition increase request within the school budget rather than list it as a separate warrant item as Blue Hill and Surry did. While the words George Stevens Academy are not listed anywhere in the warrant articles, an item under the subheading of “Secondary Tuition” includes a proposed budget total of $52,865. That amount includes tuition for an estimated 18 GSA students, and for tuition for students who choose to go to other area high schools.

The proposed town administration budget totals $146,200, an increase of about $1,600 over the current budget. The school budget proposal for pre-K through grade 12 totals $2,002,134, a decrease of more than $42,000 in the current budget. The remaining items relate to annual routine costs related to various town government functions (building maintenance, for animal control services, etc.), while a number of the items reflect a minor budget increase of several thousand dollars or less.

The next to last warrant item proposes increasing the property tax levy limit of $113,162 in the event that approved municipal budget exceeds the property tax levy limit. In addition, a controversial dog ordinance proposal was removed from the warrant items following an April public hearing, Candage said.