News Feature

Blue Hill
Originally published in The Weekly Packet, April 23, 2021
Select board expansion, all other warrant articles approved

by Jeffrey B. Roth

All 18 articles on the April 20 town meeting warrant were passed handily by Blue Hill voters. Town administrative staff completed the vote tally in the early evening hours of April 21. See the results on page 12.

Voters approved expanding the size of the select board from three to five members, beginning after the 2022 annual town meeting. The select board proposed the expansion because of the increasing workload that comes before it. Also beginning in 2022, after the term of office for the current road commissioner expires, the position will be appointed, rather than elected.

Voters approved a solar facilities amendment to the site plan review ordinance. The ordinance, which was developed by the planning board, is designed to address issues related to proposed project size, capacity, setbacks and more. The voter-approved mobile vending ordinance amendment exempts mobile vendors at festivals, etc., lasting three days or less, from the limitations on sales at those events.

The $3,344,285 municipal budget, which includes a $1.9 million highway department/roads expenditure, was approved 409-63. Five school budget warrant articles passed by wide margins.