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Originally published in Seasonal Guide, September 27, 2013
Hunting season is just around the bend

For many, fall means suiting up in “blaze” orange for hunting season. Dates vary for deer, fowl and moose, but all require state licenses. The cost for a deer hunting, crossbow hunting or archery hunting license is $25. A junior license for young hunters between the ages of 10 and 15 is $7. Turkey hunting license is $20. Call your town hall for information or visit 4.

Wherever and whatever you’re hunting, safety for hikers and other hunters should be a priority. Wearing two articles of clothing of hunter orange is required for all firearm hunting, with one piece covering “a major portion of the torso,” according to 2011-12 Maine state hunting laws and regulations.

Even hikers and dog-walkers venturing in or near wooded areas during hunting season should wear hunter, or blaze, orange; it’s an easy way to separate yourself from the animals. Dogs can sport an orange sweater or brightly colored T-shirt to keep them safe in the woods.

Blue Hill Public Library offers hunter safety courses on October 7 at 6 p.m. and October 12 at 9 a.m. Call 374-5515 or visit the Events Calendar at to register.

Here are the dates, rules and regulations. These may vary slightly from one Wild Management District (WMD) to the next; visit for details.

2013 Hunting Season

Deer: Bag limit, one yearly

Maine residents only, Nov. 2; youth deer day, Oct. 26; firearms, Nov. 4-Nov. 30; archery, Oct. 3-Nov. 1; expanded archery, Sep. 7-Dec. 14; muzzleloader only, Dec. 2-Dec. 7; muzzleloader WMDs 12, 13, 15-18, 20-26, 29, Dec. 9- Dec. 14.

Moose: Bag limit, one yearly by permitted hunter

Maine residents only, Nov. 2; WMD 26 (inland Hancock County), Nov. 4-Nov. 30; other WMDs, check

Wild Turkey: Bag limit, one

Zone 1: WMDs 12, 15-18, 20, 26, archery only, Oct. 12-Oct. 26. Zone 2: WMDs 21-25, archery only, Oct. 3-Nov. 1. Zone 3: WMDs 15-17, 20-26, archery & shotgun, Oct. 19-Oct. 25.

Waterfowl: See

Open Registration Stations

Deer & Turkeys—Mike’s Market II, Blue Hill, 374-9290; C&G Grocery, Sedgwick, 326-9311; Northern Bay Market, Penobscot, 326-8606; Surry Store, Surry, 667-6644. Deer only—Brooklin General Store, 359-8817. Moose—Brian Tripp, Sedgwick, 557-0936; Eastbrook Variety Store, Eastbrook, 565-0981.