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Originally published in Seasonal Guide, September 27, 2013
Foliage Focus: Drives to take in the sights

Fall foliage in Deer Isle

The winding roads of Deer Isle offer changing leaves of varied colors.

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by Faith DeAmbrose

The view atop Sedgwick’s Caterpillar Hill is a must see. With expansive views of the historic Deer Isle-Sedgwick Bridge, Camden Hills and Islesboro on a clear day, a drive to this beautiful spot should not be overlooked. Make it part of your trek to the island of Deer Isle where you can meander over Route 15 or 15A, taking in beautiful views at every turn. Then continue along the road (either Route 15 or 15A) to the fishing village of Stonington where an active working harbor awaits.

Known for its early-rising and hardworking fishermen, the port of Stonington boasts around $45 million in landed lobster annually. Don’t worry— there are many signs that will lead you to lobsters of your very own, if you are so inclined.

What to do along the way:

Stop atop Caterpillar Hill to take in the scenery. There is a pull-off just for that purpose.

Tour an art gallery in Deer Isle village.

Plan to stop for breakfast, lunch or dinner in Stonington and walk around the many shops in the downtown area.

Brooksville’s Cape Rosier is another of the area’s hidden treasures and a drive through the Holbrook Island Sanctuary during peak foliage is a real treat. Take a slight detour to Bakeman Beach where the curved beach setting also provides a lovely picnic spot. If you are coming from the Blue Hill Peninsula follow Route 176 (also called the Coastal Road) to the Cape Rosier Road. A left onto Weir Cove Road will take you to Bakeman Beach and continue along that roadway to the Harborside Road where you can find the former homestead of Helen and Scott Nearing, now called the Good Life Center ( The road will loop back and eventually bring you back to where you began, at the head of Cape Rosier Road.

What to do along the way:

Stop at Holbrook Island Sanctuary and hike one of the many trails, or bring a picnic lunch to enjoy at the picnic area.

Take a stroll along Bakeman Beach.

Fall foliage from Caterpillar Hill

The autumn view from Caterpillar Hill is a must-see on autumn drives.

Photo by Anne Berleant
Fall foliage in Deer Isle

The winding roads of Deer Isle offer changing leaves of varied colors.

Photo by Jessica Brophy