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Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, June 6, 2013
DISHS Boys tennis loses in quarterfinals

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Paul Zoephel lunges for a return

Paul Zoephel, playing second doubles with Matt Duddy, lunges for a return The team lost in the quarterfinals to Schenck.

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by Jack Scott

The boys tennis team won its preliminary against Penobscot Valley in good form 5-0. The format is different in the playoffs. Instead of playing one set to eight games, the players play to six games and it is a best of three sets format. In the singles, Derek Siebert and Tim Cormier each won by two sets. The third single was won by forfeit. In the doubles, Andy Turner/Nick Dunham won by two sets as did Matt Duddy/Paul Zoephel.

We lost our quarterfinal match to Schenck, who we had split with during the season. Most all the matches were close, but in the singles, Tim Cormier and Douglass Heanssler each lost in two sets. Andy Turner/Nick Dunham lost their doubles match in two sets. Even though Derek Siebert in singles and Matt Duddy/Paul Zoephal in doubles had only lost one set, the match was determined so they didn’t play anymore.

It’s a tough way to go with everything so close, but the boys have done better this year than ever before, making the quarterfinals. The set totals do not indicate how close many of the matches were. We made a valiant effort to come back from an early deficit, but couldn’t quite do it.