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Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, June 13, 2013
Low turnout, tight vote on DIS school budget

Deer Isle-Stonington CSD Archive
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by Jessica Brophy

Only 91 voters on the island cast votes on Tuesday, June 11, to validate the $6,796,786 school budget for 2013-14.

In total, voters approved Article 2, the K-12 school budget, 48-42. In Stonington, the vote was tied.

Voters also approved Article 3, the adult education budget, by a slightly wider margin 56-33.

Concerning Article 4, voters decided to keep using the budget referendum process 47-44. This means the district will continue to have both a budget meeting and a ballot referendum. In Deer Isle, this measure was voted down by one vote.


32 voters

Article 2—16 yes, 16 no
Article 3—20 yes, 12 no
Article 4—18 yes, 14 no

Deer Isle

59 voters

Article 2—32 yes, 26 no
Article 3—36 yes, 21 no
Article 4—29 yes, 30 no