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Deer Isle
Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, November 17, 2011
Cell tower activated in Deer Isle

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by Jonathan Thomas

After months of waiting, residents of Deer Isle and the surrounding area—at least those served by AT&T—now have enhanced cell phone service.

AT&T spokeswoman Kate MacKinnon said on November 15 that service from the 190-foot tower is fully operational, with coverage extending out for a radius of a few miles from the tower, depending on the terrain. The tower is located on the North Deer Isle Road.

MacKinnon declined to comment on whether other carriers are negotiating to add their own antennas to this tower.

As reported in the October 20 issue of Island Ad-Vantages, U.S. Cellular has received a permit to build a 250-foot tower on the Sunset Crossroad. That tower is scheduled to be completed in July 2012.