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Web exclusive, March 17, 2011
Walker Pond access project in hands of lawyers, engineer

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by Jonathan Thomas

With a recently issued Maine Department of Environmental Protection permit in their pockets, the selectmen of Sedgwick and Brooksville held a joint meeting March 9 in Brooksville to continue their work toward providing a public access to Walker Pond.

New Sedgwick selectman Neil Davis took his place at the table with Sedgwick selectmen Colby Pert and Victor Smith and Brooksville selectmen John Gray, Richard Bakeman, Darrell Fowler. Recently retired Sedgwick selectman Nelson Grindal sat to one side, helping to answer questions. Attorney Jim Patterson, who represents both towns, asked numerous questions as he collected information to be inserted into deeds and other legal documents necessary before actual construction work can begin.

Some of Patterson’s questions were directed to Basil Ladd, and to his attorney, Barry Mills. In August 2010, Ladd, representing himself and as trustee of the Condon Trust, signed a “Rights-of-Way, Land, and Option Agreement” with the towns. The agreement provided for the towns to build a portion of the access road over Condon Trust property.

Andrew McCullough, who designed the recently permitted road on behalf of the towns, also participated actively in the discussions.

Various issues agreed upon during the meeting included maintenance of the filter ponds, responsibility for decisions on winter access, the option for eventually paving the road, and the location of rights of way for utility lines.

After attorneys Patterson and Mills have agreed on how the documents should be worded, copies will be sent to the two boards of selectmen for review. They would be then approved at the next meeting, scheduled for April 13.

Pert said that, if possible, he would like to have the boards agree on a set of bid specifications by next month’s joint meeting so that the project can be put out to bid soon.