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Originally published in The Weekly Packet, July 28, 2011
Walker Pond access project now underway

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by Jonathan Thomas

The joint selectmen’s meeting on Walker Pond access heard a progress report from project representative Nelson Grindal during a short July 13 meeting and answered questions from the Friends of Walker Pond.

Grindal, the former long-standing first selectman in Sedgwick, reported that work on the clearing and silt fence is progressing well, and that the actual road construction work would begin soon.

Only four of the six selectmen from Brooksville and Sedgwick attended the meeting in the Brooksville Town House. Sedgwick selectman Victor Smith represented his board, while the full Brooksville board, which includes Chairman John Gray, Richard Bakeman, and Darrell Fowler, were there.

Gray reported on Brooksville’s upcoming July 21 special town meeting to approve $23,000 of additional money needed from Brooksville. Grindal said voters in a recent Sedgwick special town meeting had approved needed articles there that will allow the project to go forward.

Grindal noted that several large trees may need to be cut, and suggested that the committee consider, at a later meeting, having a forestry plan done. The board agreed that Grindal would again contact state officials regarding funding of the pending application for grant funds.

Kathy Flood and Marilyn Heineman, of the Friends of Walker Pond, asked whether the map on display was current, and also were assured that existing vegetation in what will become the swimming area will not be a problem.

Lake biologist Scott Williams will be speaking at the August 4 meeting of the Friends of Walker Pond at the Sedgwick School at 7 p.m.

The next meeting of the joint selectmen’s committee will be on Wednesday morning, August 10, at 9 a.m.