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Web exclusive, February 17, 2011
DEP issues permit for Walker Pond access project

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by Jonathan Thomas

On February 9, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection issued a long-awaited land use permit for the joint Sedgwick-Brooksville project to provide public access to Walker Pond. When completed, the project is supposed to include a picnic area, a beach, a parking area and a public boat launch.

The DEP required a full application under the stormwater management law. (See January 13 issue of The Weekly Packet.) This was because of the size of the project, which includes a road approximately 5,200 feet long. It was also because of previous erosion on the site and environmental concerns about preserving the quality of Walker Pond.

One of the conditions in the permit requires the towns to prepare and file a deed with the Bureau of Land and Water Quality guaranteeing that the storm water buffers will not be altered.