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Web exclusive, November 4, 2010
Jack's Sport Spot
DISHS Boys soccer completes growing season

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by Jack Scott

For the first time in a while, the boys’ soccer team didn’t make the playoff season. Not to take away from a lot of effort and the last game of the season, I wanted to take a look at the season that just passed.

The boys ended their season at 3-10-1 with a 5-0 loss to powerhouse Bangor Christian. Coach Bennett Morey felt that this was one of our better efforts, despite the one sided score. BC scored early on a rebound from a goalie deflection, then on a penalty kick, and near the end of the half with a well placed corner kick. Though we were on the defensive most of the time with an extra defender, we kept turning the ball away. We played hard with plenty of hustle the entire game, despite trailing the whole time.

This effort without results was indicative of the boys’ season. We had a lot of question marks in the beginning, losing the bulk of last year’s successful team. We had many new players step up to fill the holes, but it was apparent that we had a hard time working together on a consistent basis. Typically we would have one strong half and have lapses in the other half.

This is very characteristic of a young team, which we were for the most part. We had several seniors who showed their experience, but we struggled to put together a coherent offense on a regular basis. We would bring the ball down the field, but lacked the ability to finish it off, sometimes trying too hard to make it work. Without a premier striker, this is about knowing where your teammates are and having confidence in them. First-year coach Morey also feels he had a learning year himself. Getting the team prepared, running practices and finding positions were all areas he felt he has a better handle on now that he has coached for a year. He was pleased that the team worked hard to improve, stayed together and played as a team despite several disappointing close losses.