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Web exclusive, March 9, 1961
REMEMBER WHEN Excerpts from The Weekly Packet, March 9, 1961
Brooksville votes to build new elementary school
The Weekly Packet, Celebrating our 50th year

The Weekly Packet: Remember When Archive
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Town meeting dinner in Brooklin

THE PART THE PUBLIC DOESN’T SEEKP duty at the town meeting dinner in Brooklin put on by the Harvest Home group.—Packet Photo

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By a narrow margin—just four votes—Brooksville voted at Town Meeting Monday to build a new elementary school to replace the two buildings now in use.

Casting written ballots, Brooksville voters approved the school plan 73-69…

The town voted to raise $6,000 towards the new building. J. Hallowell Vaughan, chairman of the school building committee, said the town could not borrow the $50,000 to build the school now because of the low valuation. After April 1, when the revaluation goes into effect, the town can hold a special meeting to arrange financing the $44,000 balance.

Three possible sites for the new school were recommended, with the town giving its approval to all three with the Donald Stewart lot first in order of preference, the “Ball Field” second and the Peasley-Bates lot third. Three sites were suggested so that approval of the State would be assured for at least one of them.