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Web exclusive, December 8, 1960
REMEMBER WHEN Excerpts from The Weekly Packet, December 8, 1960
Brooksville children to give holiday operetta
The Weekly Packet, Celebrating our 50th year

The Weekly Packet: Remember When Archive
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The elementary schools of Brooksville will present a Christmas Opereta “Red Candles” in two Acts under the direction of Fred Carlton, music supervisor of School Union 93, Dec. 20. Time of the opereta, to be presented in the South Brooksville Gymnasium, will be 7:30 p.m.

Carlton will be assisted by the teachers of the eight grades: Mrs. Dwight Blodgett, Mrs. Oliver Bakeman, Jr., Miss Elizabeth Condon, and Mrs. Richard Condon.

There will be no admission charge.

Gilda Nansen, girl from Norway—Elaine Devereux; Jibby, her little brother—Kendall Wood; Mabe, a schoolmate—Nancy Lymburner; Santa Claus—Gloria Howard; Sawyer Snidge, guardian of Gilda and Jibby—Stephen Snow; Teddy, his spoiled son—Richard Closson.

Milly, his daughter—Margaret Dow; Celia and Mary, school mates from Miss Brittle’s school for girls—Elaine Bakeman and Bonnie Fowler; Madam Clara, mother of Gilda and Jibby—Sharon Ladd; Patsy, a waif—Katherine Dalsgard; Snowflake, Santa’s right hand man—Susan Bush; Joseph—Vincent Cerrato; Mary—Jane Austin.

Kings—Robert Vaughan, Harold Poole, Darrell Fowler; shepherds—Arnold Black, George Sanborn, Stephen Snow; angels—Jinny Peasley, Claire Babson; gnomes—Boys of grades one and two; wooden soldiers—boys of grades two, three and four; rhythm band—Grades one, two and three; baton twirlers—Grade four girls; dancers—girls in grades one, two, three and four; singing chorus—all grades; stage manager—Jane Howard.