Aerial view shows the perimeter of SolAmerica’s proposed 17-acre solar facility—11 acres of which will be fenced-in solar equipment—off of Blue Hill’s South Street.

Photo courtesy of Blue Hill Town Hall

Friday, March 17, 2023

Planning board approves SolAmerica
Project moves ahead, community concerns remain

Blue Hill —

“I think we are in agreement that we are not going to reopen the record,” said Planning Board Chair Mary Alice Hurvitt at the board’s March 8 meeting, speaking in ...

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Analysis: Is grid capacity a viable concern?

Friday, March 10, 2023

Tradewinds Cancer donations
Tradewinds Cancer donations

Write-ins win for Sedgwick school board
194 cast their votes

Sedgwick —

Results are in for Sedgwick’s election and referendum, the voting for which took place on Friday, March 3. One hundred ninety-four votes were cast, which was an average turnout according ...

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Brooksville convenes for annual town meeting

TradeWind’s sale to Hannaford ‘bittersweet’