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Brooksville divided

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Since 1993, Brooksville has been my part-time home and for the past four years it has been my permanent year-round home. I love this town and the peninsula and have actively worked to get to know the community and contribute to it in a constructive manner. The current uproar over the placement of cell phone towers near residential homes is dividing our town.

There are no villains in this uproar. There are just residents who strongly believe that they are right in their opinions. It seems logical that our town citizens and selectmen should want to create a win/win situation where we gain good cell phone coverage for the townspeople and emergency services and yet do it with the fewest towers (we’ve been told cell phone companies can share towers) and locate them away from the immediate area of existing houses. The town needs to make the rules and not let the cell phone companies control what takes place in Brooksville. This is not an issue of “native versus away folk.” If there are potential health risks from the electromagnetic waves that the towers emit, these waves will not discriminate.

I support a moratorium so that reasonable options can be looked into before we see an unnecessary number of very high towers in this town.

Joan McCracken

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