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We would like to express our thoughts regarding a cell phone tower in Brooksville. We think it is truly a matter of safety. We have had the need to call AAA when we have been on the road and have been very grateful to be able to reach them via our cell phone. Automobile accidents or house fires, where it is necessary to leave the house, are other examples of the need for cell phone access, especially in rural areas where the next house may be too far for our aging population to walk.

Some argue the aesthetics of cell phone towers. In truth, they are not ugly—in fact, far less ugly than telephone poles and all their wires. And they are not dangerous. There is no evidence that the level of electromagnetic radiation from cell phone towers is harmful. Furthermore, the location of the proposed tower is perfect, high enough to serve our community and not in a heavily populated area.

The people of Brooksville should have an opportunity to vote for or against having a cell phone tower in Brooksville, without the delay caused by the writing of rules or a moratorium. It is not a pioneering situation full of unknowns—cell phone towers are in use all over the country. We should not be denied the use of our cell phones when they are desperately needed due to fear of EMR.

Thank you for your attention.

Ann Ebeling

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