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Walker Pond Archive

In our mission as your community information service to help readers stay abreast of the issues regarding Walker Pond, we have created this special archive. It will be updated regularly as we publish more on this topic.

With decades of history associated with the purchase of land at Walker Pond by the town of Sedgwick for public access purposes, a recent agreement has joined the town of Sedgwick with the town of Brooksville in attaining that end. The two towns, working together, have applied for and received state and federal grants to make the project a reality. Here is a recent listing of information chronicling the process.


  1. Towns gear up for Walker Pond opening
    The Weekly Packet, 5/16/13
  2. Walker Pond property experiences much use during first season
    The Weekly Packet, 10/18/12
  3. Planning board asks for briefing from Selectmen on Walker Pond property matter
    The Weekly Packet, 8/23/12
  4. Former mine site possibly to be offered to Brooksville
    The Weekly Packet, 8/2/12
  5. Sedgwick selectmen confronted with questions about former camp buildings on Walker Pond
    The Weekly Packet, 7/19/12
  6. Selectmen's attention turns to Walker Pond outlet issues
    The Weekly Packet, 5/24/12
  7. Forestry plan commissioned for Walker Pond access site
    The Weekly Packet, 2/16/12
  8. Walker Pond access road work about to resume
    The Weekly Packet, 1/19/12
  9. Sedgwick, Brooksville accept phase two of Walker Pond access road bid
    The Weekly Packet, 1/5/12
  10. Bids to be opened on Phase 2 of Walker Pond access road
    The Weekly Packet, 12/15/11
  11. Phase 1 of Walker Pond access construction completed
    The Weekly Packet, 10/20/11
  12. Walker Pond Committee moves forward on boat launch site
    The Weekly Packet, 9/22/11
  13. State denies request to amend Walker Pond contract
    The Weekly Packet, 9/8/11
  14. Handful of votes enough to accept $250,000 grant to complete Walker Pond project
    The Weekly Packet, 9/1/11
  15. $250,000 state grant awarded for Walker Pond access
    The Weekly Packet, 8/11/11
  16. Walker Pond access project now underway
    The Weekly Packet, 7/28/11
  17. Voters address funds for Walker Pond access, plow contracts
    The Weekly Packet, 6/30/11
  18. Walker Pond road construction bids accepted
  19. Brooksville voters find more funds for Walker Pond access
  20. Walker Pond access planning continues
  21. Walker Pond access project in hands of lawyers, engineer
  22. DEP issues permit for Walker Pond access project
  23. DEP response awaited on Walker Pond application
  24. Walker Pond access committee treads water while awaiting permit
  25. DEP to require full stormwater plan for Walker Pond public access site

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