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The Weekly Packet: Remember When Archive

Celebrating our 50th year
Check this page each week for Packet reprints from 50 years ago.


  1. The Clipbored
    The Weekly Packet, 12/8/11
  2. Blue Hill Fair association renames officers at yearly meeting
    The Weekly Packet, 12/8/11
  3. Santa to visit Blue Hill for Yule list Dec. 22
    The Weekly Packet, 12/8/11
  4. 2-inch snow makes roads hazardous
    The Weekly Packet, 12/1/11
  5. 90 townspeople honor Gene Allen
    The Weekly Packet, 12/1/11
  6. Area high school net teams get off to season play
    The Weekly Packet, 11/23/11
  7. Blue Hill School sets policy on pregnancy
    The Weekly Packet, 10/27/11
  8. Wass meets with Legion to plan bicentennial
    The Weekly Packet, 10/13/11
  9. The Blue Hill Town Hall has taken on a new look
    The Weekly Packet, 10/6/11
  10. South Street project explained at highway department hearing
    The Weekly Packet, 9/29/11
  11. Salisbury to head session at Maine teachers’ meeting
    The Weekly Packet, 9/22/11
  12. Fair over for another year; crowd holds despite bad weather
    The Weekly Packet, 9/8/11
  13. Monalee Smith wins “Blueberry Queen title
    The Weekly Packet, 9/1/11
  14. Brooklin association developing ballfield
    The Weekly Packet, 8/25/11
  15. Blue Hill Hospital plans fund for improvements
    The Weekly Packet, 8/18/11
  16. 35 compete in one-club meet
    The Weekly Packet, 8/11/11
  17. Helen Nearing best of show in Brooksville
    The Weekly Packet, 8/11/11
  18. Rain puts end to hopes of record Blue Hill Day
    The Weekly Packet, 8/4/11
  19. Fire truck purchase approved, gift accepted
    The Weekly Packet, 7/28/11
  20. 13-star flag at Wood home flew over lumber schooner
    The Weekly Packet, 7/7/11
  21. Robbins doubles floor space with addition
    The Weekly Packet, 6/30/11
  22. Herrick returns, joins father’s firm
    The Weekly Packet, 6/9/11
  23. Two represent academy at Boys’ and Girls’ State
    The Weekly Packet, 6/9/11
  24. Fire levels barn on Chislom estate in North Brooklin
  25. Didn’t it rain? It certainly did! Car swept off bridge at Surry
  26. Two bands in Blue Hill Memorial Day parade
  27. Add ox-pulling to fair card
  28. Girl Scouts work on badges
  29. Despite the weather, 200 on hand to see IOOF, Rebekah production of local play
  30. Valuation increase cuts rate
  31. Hire principal for Blue Hill grade school
  32. Value raised 10-fold by reappraisement
  33. Sedgwick carpenter invents tool to do work of six
  34. Blue Hill groups to stage original, home-written farce
  35. BH team wins state shoot
  36. Cheryl Allen wins Brooklin spelling bee
  37. Brooksville votes to build new elementary school
  38. Honor students attend banquet
  39. Oldest citizen celebrates 96th birthday
  40. School budgets indicate costs will be higher in ‘61
  41. Mrs. Vaughan seeks post
  42. Two Sedgwick youths fall through ice while hunting on Salt Pond
  43. Mrs. Peasley choice for postmaster
  44. Millard Bowden home wins first prize
  45. Fisherman rescued during storm
  46. Robert Hinckleys to mark golden wedding anniversary
  47. Candage gets post
  48. Season’s first storm hits area
  49. Brooksville children to give holiday operetta
  50. Chimney fire in Sedgwick
  51. Good response to music class
  52. King, Queen crowned
  53. Six now in race for BH selectman

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