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GSA Sports Archive

A collection of sports coverage for George Stevens Academy’s Eagles.


  1. GSA Spring Sports Focus 2014
    The Weekly Packet, 5/1/14
  2. GSA Winter Post-season Scrapbook 2014
    The Weekly Packet, 2/20/14
  3. GSA Winter Sports Focus 2013/2014
    The Weekly Packet, 12/12/13
  4. Winter Sports Schedule 2013/2014
    Island Ad-Vantages, 11/27/13
  5. George Stevens Academy Post Season Scrapbook Fall 2013
    The Weekly Packet, 11/7/13
  6. GSA Fall Sports Focus 2013
    The Weekly Packet, 9/19/13
  7. George Stevens Academy Post-Season Sports Section 2013
    The Weekly Packet, 6/13/13
  8. George Stevens Academy EAGLES Spring Sports Focus 2013
    The Weekly Packet, 4/25/13
  9. George Stevens Academy EAGLES Winter Post-season Scrapbook 2013
    Community News, 2/21/13
  10. George Stevens Academy EAGLES Winter Sports Focus 2012
    Community News, 12/13/12
  11. George Stevens Academy Eagles Post-season Scrapbook Fall 2012
    The Weekly Packet, 11/1/12
  12. George Stevens Academy EAGLES Fall Sports Focus 2012
    Community News, 9/13/12
  13. GSA Eagles Post-season Scrapbook Spring 2012
    Community News, 6/14/12
  14. George Stevens Academy Eagles Post-season Scrapbook - Winter 2011
    The Weekly Packet, 2/24/11
  15. George Stevens Academy Eagles Winter Sports Preview
    The Weekly Packet, 12/16/10
  16. George Stevens Academy Eagles Post-season Scrapbook


  1. Packet Sports Spotlight September 18th 2014
  2. Packet Sports Spotlight February 6th 2014
  3. Packet Sports Spotlight January 30th 2014
  4. Packet Sports Spotlight January 23rd 2014
  5. Packet Sports Spotlight January 9th 2014
  6. Packet Sports Spotlight January 2nd 2014
  7. GSA Packet Sports
  8. Packet Sports Spotlight 17th October 2013
  9. GSA Eagles weekly roundup
  10. GSa Homecoming Golf Tournament 2013
  11. Packet Sports Spotlight 10th October 2013
  12. Packet Sports Spotlight 26th September 2013
  13. GSA Sport Season Fall 2013
  14. GSA Baseball/softball teams slide into quarterfinals
  15. Eagles try to slide in to post season
  16. Packet Sports Spotlight
  17. Packet Sports Spotlight
  18. GSA Regatta
  19. GSA Eagles start hitting it
  20. The Eagles swing into action
  21. Packet sports spotlight 11/31
  22. GSA wins some, loses some
  23. Wrestling for a cause
  24. Heat on the court with GSA Tennis
  25. GSA third-year wrestlers Turanski and Lord wrestle to state championship
  26. GSA cheerleaders say, "Yes, yes, yes we do…"
  27. Team players


  1. Eagles track team clears (half) the field
  2. The Eagles relay teams place at state championships
  3. Finn McMahon-Allwine makes it to first base
  4. Corey An in the long jump
  5. Trent Goodman, Northeastern wrestling champ!
  6. GSA Eagles beat the Bucks
  7. Setting up a goal for GSA
  8. We’ve got game...
  9. GSA sophomore Jasper Adams
  10. GSA defender senior Cameron Lawson


  1. Hassett takes first in cross country PVCs
    The Weekly Packet, 10/23/14
  2. Eagles golf team named top sportsmen in Eastern Class C
    The Weekly Packet, 10/16/14
  3. Eagles girls continue hot streak
    The Weekly Packet, 10/9/14
  4. GSA Eagles round up
    The Weekly Packet, 9/25/14
  5. GSA Cross country team wins
    The Weekly Packet, 9/18/14
  6. GSA Eagles kick off the season
    The Weekly Packet, 9/11/14
  7. Eagles roll over Madawaska for boys tennis Eastern Class C crown
    The Weekly Packet, 6/12/14
  8. Eagles teams head toward play-off time
    The Weekly Packet, 6/5/14
  9. Eagles tennis teams undefeated
    The Weekly Packet, 5/15/14
  10. Eagles track at MDI
    The Weekly Packet, 5/8/14
  11. GSA Spring Sports Special App Pages
  12. Eagles swim team dives into post season
    The Weekly Packet, 2/13/14
  13. Eagles basketball in contention for playoffs
    The Weekly Packet, 1/30/14
  14. Eagles need to win for playoff spot - VIDEO
    The Weekly Packet, 1/23/14
  15. GSA Girls edge out Bucksport 38-36
    The Weekly Packet, 1/9/14
  16. Eagles basketball teams win, lose
    The Weekly Packet, 1/2/14
  17. GSA Eagles cross country runners named to All-Conference
    The Weekly Packet, 11/21/13
  18. GSA Eagle’s runners push to stand-out finish at regionals
    Castine Patriot, 10/31/13
  19. Eagles weekly roundup 24th October 2013
    The Weekly Packet, 10/24/13
  20. Eagles weekly roundup 17th October 2013
    The Weekly Packet, 10/17/13
  21. GSA Eagles weekly roundup
    The Weekly Packet, 10/10/13
  22. Memorial golf tournament caps GSA Homecoming Weekend
    The Weekly Packet, 10/3/13
  23. GSA Eagles weekly roundup
    The Weekly Packet, 10/3/13
  24. Eagles weekly roundup
    The Weekly Packet, 9/26/13
  25. GSA to host Homecoming Weekend
    Compass, 9/19/13
  26. GSA Eagles weekly roundup
    The Weekly Packet, 9/19/13
  27. Eagles weekly roundup
    The Weekly Packet, 9/12/13
  28. Eagles tennis team on a roll to the state finals
    The Weekly Packet, 6/6/13
  29. GSA Girls track team shines at PVCs
    The Weekly Packet, 5/30/13
  30. GSA track team hits its stride
    The Weekly Packet, 5/9/13
  31. Eagles’ tennis solid at halfway mark
    The Weekly Packet, 5/9/13
  32. GSA Sailing team hosts MDI and John Bapst
    The Weekly Packet, 5/9/13
  33. GSA girls and boys ball teams
    The Weekly Packet, 5/9/13
  34. GSA wrestling team solid at Western Regionals
    The Weekly Packet, 2/7/13
  35. GSA boys start the year with back-to-back wins
    The Weekly Packet, 1/10/13
  36. GSA Eagles host Becton Cup regatta
    The Weekly Packet, 10/25/12
  37. GSA girls out, boys get a bye in soccer prelims
    The Weekly Packet, 10/25/12
  38. GSA cross country team headed for state championships
    The Weekly Packet, 10/25/12
  39. GSA Girls come in second at cross-country PVC
    The Weekly Packet, 10/18/12
  40. GSA Boys hold steady, girls looking for a win
    The Weekly Packet, 10/11/12
  41. GSA Golf team swings into state championships
    The Weekly Packet, 10/4/12
  42. GSA boys and girls slam their way to regional tennis finals
    The Weekly Packet, 6/7/12
  43. GSA Track has solid showing at Class C State Meet
    The Weekly Packet, 6/7/12
  44. GSA boys and girls tennis teams are tops this season
    The Weekly Packet, 5/31/12
  45. GSA Eagles capture fourth in Downeast Regatta, third in state
    Castine Patriot, 5/24/12
  46. GSA Eagles race to a solid finish
    The Weekly Packet, 5/24/12
  47. GSA swim team sets new records
    The Weekly Packet, 2/16/12
  48. GSA Eagles head to Houlton for preliminary playoff game
  49. GSA wrestler Lord notches 100th win
    The Weekly Packet, 2/9/12
  50. GSA Swim team improving speed, strength
    The Weekly Packet, 1/26/12
  51. GSA Girls varsity basketball continues to improve
    The Weekly Packet, 1/19/12
  52. GSA Boys basketball team coming together, now 4-5
    The Weekly Packet, 1/12/12
  53. GSA Wrestlers battle Dexter and Ellsworth
    The Weekly Packet, 1/12/12
  54. GSA Wins New England and Maine sailing championships
    The Weekly Packet, 10/6/11
  55. GSA tennis teams are Class C Eastern Maine champions
  56. GSA tennis teams to play in Eastern Maine championships
  57. GSA spring season winding down
  58. GSA sailors finish third and 11th in recent regattas
  59. GSA track team places third in Hancock County championship
  60. GSA tennis teams stretch record to 5-2
  61. GSA track teams best other Class C schools at MDI meet
  62. GSA wrestlers place at state competition
  63. GSA teams cruising into post-season play
  64. Cheering team meets goal; falls short at regionals
  65. GSA Winter teams gearing up for home stretch
  66. GSA Girls and boys basketball teams struggle midseason
  67. GSA will send swimmers to state meet
  68. GSA Eagles active over holidays
  69. GSA sports teams get down to business
  70. GSA golf in top half as team and individual at states
  71. GSA Boys soccer team falls short against undefeated Red Riots

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