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In our mission as your community information service to help readers stay abreast of the issues regarding cell towers, we have created this special archive of stories, letters to the editor and guest columns. It will be updated regularly as we publish more on this topic.


  1. Fire Chief Matt Dow discusses the communication needs of the fire department
  2. Voting on the first cell tower moratorium ordinance



  1. Hearing set for Brooklin cell tower and wind turbine ordinances
    The Weekly Packet, 3/17/11
  2. Tower moratorium ordinances presented at Brooklin hearing
    The Weekly Packet, 10/14/10
  3. Brooklin to hold Saturday hearing on cell tower and wind turbine moratorium ordinances
    The Weekly Packet, 10/7/10


  1. Startup delayed on new Brooksville cell towers
    The Weekly Packet, 5/19/11
  2. Brooksville voters discuss ordinances heading for referendum vote
    The Weekly Packet, 2/24/11
  3. “No” says Brooksville committee to ordinances heading for March vote
    The Weekly Packet, 2/10/11
  4. With heavy turnout, Brooksville enacts cell tower moratorium at special town meeting
    The Weekly Packet, 10/7/10
  5. Brooksville residents discuss cell tower moratorium options
    The Weekly Packet, 9/30/10
  6. Brooksville schedules special town meeting on towers
    The Weekly Packet, 9/23/10
  7. Perspective on Brooksville cell towers
    The Weekly Packet, 9/16/10
  8. Brooksville planners okay tower entrance access
    The Weekly Packet, 9/9/10
  9. Second cell tower underway in Brooksville while moratorium is pending
    The Weekly Packet, 9/2/10
  10. Brooksville cell tower opponents submit tighter moratorium proposal
    The Weekly Packet, 8/26/10
  11. Brooksville to vote on cell tower moratorium
    The Weekly Packet, 8/19/10
  12. Brooksville to consider cell tower moratorium
    The Weekly Packet, 8/12/10
  13. Proposed Brooksville cell tower location draws citizens’ concerns
    The Weekly Packet, 8/5/10


  1. Cell tower application filed in Castine
    Castine Patriot, 10/28/10

Deer Isle

  1. New Deer Isle cell tower to be ready in March
    Island Ad-Vantages, 2/16/12
  2. Cell tower activated in Deer Isle
    Island Ad-Vantages, 11/18/11
  3. Deer Isle Cell tower activation promised in “near future” Permit issued for taller 250-foot tower
    Island Ad-Vantages, 10/21/11
  4. Startup delayed on new Deer Isle cell tower
    Island Ad-Vantages, 4/28/11
  5. Cell tower nears completion
    Island Ad-Vantages, 3/10/11


  1. 190-foot cell tower approved in Penobscot
    Castine Patriot, 10/13/11
  2. New cell tower ordinance unveiled at Penobscot planning board hearing
    Castine Patriot, 1/13/11


  1. Caterpillar Hill tower to go up soon
    The Weekly Packet, 1/9/12


  1. County grant funds to improve cell phone service in Stonington
    Island Ad-Vantages, 3/31/14
  2. AT&T cell-phone tower is on, Moose Island work to begin
    Island Ad-Vantages, 11/23/11



  1. A place less wired
    The Weekly Packet, 8/12/10
  2. Cell towers and private property
    The Weekly Packet, 9/9/10
  3. Cell tower science
    The Weekly Packet, 9/9/10
  4. Clarification of stance on Brooksville cell towers
    The Weekly Packet, 9/2/10
  5. Brooksville divided
    The Weekly Packet, 9/2/10
  6. Brooksville cell towers
    The Weekly Packet, 8/26/10

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