News Feature

Sedgwick & Brooksville
Originally published in The Weekly Packet, January 10, 2019
Nominations closed in Brooksville, Sedgwick
Contested races set for both towns

by Anne Berleant

The window for returning nomination papers for local elections has passed in Brooksville and Sedgwick, and voters in both towns will have a choice in at least one race.

In Sedgwick, elections will be held on Friday, March 1, with a slate of the following candidates, one who is running for both open school board seats:

School Board, two seats, three-year terms: Sommer Anderson, incumbent; Marti Brill, incumbent; Kelly Samperi; Elizabeth Sullivan.
School Board, two-year term: Sommer Anderson, Joanne Hardy. Seat is currently held by Susan Ford, who is stepping down.
Second Selectman, three-year term: Robert Publicover, incumbent.
Town Clerk, three-year term: Cindy Reilly, incumbent.
Road Commissioner, three-year term: Paul Carter, incumbent.

In Brooksville, elections will be held on Monday, March 4, with two new school board members likely. The following candidates will appear on the ballot:

School Board, two seats, three-year terms: Barbara Blake; Despe Lebel. Seats are currently held by Helen Condon and Patricia Tapley.
Selectman, three-year term: John Gray, incumbent.
Fire Chief, one-year term: Matt Dow, incumbent.
Road Commissioner, one-year term: Mark Blake, incumbent; Matt Dow.
Town Clerk, one-year term: Amber Bakeman, incumbent.
Tax Collector, one-year term: Yvonne Redman, incumbent.
Treasurer, one-year term: Freida Peasley, incumbent.
Planning Board, three-year term: Gerald Gray, incumbent.
Budget Advisory Committee, three seats, three-year terms: Earl Clifford Jr., incumbent; Dana Hooper, incumbent; Andrew Ladd, incumbent.