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Blue Hill
Originally published in Castine Patriot, January 17, 2019 and Island Ad-Vantages, January 17, 2019 and The Weekly Packet, January 17, 2019
Forum to discuss regional homelessness

Community Compass is holding the first in a series of Connected Community Forums with its Community Advisory Board which is open to the interested public. This first forum is January 22, 4 to 6 p.m., with light refreshments at the Blue Hill Congregational Church.

According to a news release, the topic will be Regional Homelessness, presented by Tracey Hair, director of HOME in Orland which also runs the Emmaus Center in Ellsworth. The discussion will include the extent, types, causes, and existent and future solutions to homelessness in Hancock County and the state. Hair is a member of both the Hancock County and State Councils on Homelessness.

The Community Compass Community Advisory Board consists of 20 regional service, educational, and church groups linked in an informal collaborative with Community Compass to spread better community awareness, engagement, and collaboration in working together to build community and break the cycle of poverty in our region.