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Originally published in The Weekly Packet, February 7, 2019
High school tuition causes budget increase in Brooksville

by Monique Labbe

An increase in high school tuition is responsible for a 4.36 percent increase in the 2019-20 Brooksville school budget.

The proposed $1,974,857 budget was recently approved by members of the Brooksville School Board.

Last year’s budget was $1,888,381, or $86,475 less.

Union 93 Superintendent Mark Hurvitt reported that the increase is mainly from the high school tuition line of the budget, up $126,000 from last year because of an increase in students from Brooksville attending secondary education at Deer Isle-Stonington High School, George Stevens Academy and Blue Hill Harbor School. The total for secondary education in the 2019-20 budget is proposed at $505,132, compared to last year’s total of $378,523.

The addition of another ed. tech. to the school has also caused the budget to increase, said Hurvitt.