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Originally published in Castine Patriot, August 22, 2019 and The Weekly Packet, August 22, 2019
George Stevens Academy - Back to School

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First day: 9th grade, Tuesday, September 3, with new upperclassmen invited to lunch at 12 p.m.
Opening day for all students grades 9-12 is Wednesday, September 4.
School hours: 8 a.m. -2:30 p.m.

Head of School: Timothy J. Seeley,, 374-2808
Assistant Head of School: Libby Rosemeier,, 374-2808
Reception & Attendance: Debbie Davis,, 374-2808
Dean of Curriculum and Instruction: David Stearns,, 374-2808
Dean of Students: Todd Eckenfelder,, 374-2120
Director of Special Education: Cory Schildroth,, 374-2808
Director of Athletics: Larry Gray,, 374-2808
Business Manager: Fred Heilner,, 374-5081
Director of College and Career Counseling: Peter Goss, p.goss@georgestevens.,org, 374-2120
Director of Admissions: Michael S. Foster,, 374-2808
Director of Development: Rada Starkey,, 374-2800
Director of Communications: Mark Messer,, 374-2808

Grades: 9-12. Total number of students: 321
Grade 9: 89, Grade 10: 76, Grade 11: 78, Grade 12, 78
Full-time teachers: 24, part-time 12
Support staff, full- and part-time: 36 (includes admin., food services, ed. techs., dorm staff, maintenance)

New course offerings
History of Modern Feminism
The Maine Environment

New staff
Kathryn Kennedy joins the GSA faculty as a social studies teacher. Kate is a GSA graduate and has taught at the Penobscot Elementary School, Blue Hill Consolidated School and most recently at Doughty Middle School in Bangor. While at Doughty she was named Maine Social Studies Teacher of the Year and was also very involved with National History Day. She will be teaching U.S. History, AP Human Geography, Holocaust, Economics and Current Affairs.

Emma Baker joins the GSA faculty as a science teacher. She has most recently been teaching at Vinalhaven High School, where she taught a wide range of science courses. She will be teaching Biology and Chemistry. She is a Maine native from The County and will be moving to the Blue Hill area with her son.

Steve Whitney joins the GSA faculty as a science teacher. He is moving to Maine with his family after his wife became employed in the area. He has taught at Claremont Academy in Massachusetts and most recently at the Touchstone Community School, also in Massachusetts. He has a special interest in outdoor education. He will be teaching EES: Exploring Earth Systems.

Jaime Torre joins the GSA faculty as a math teacher. He is a native of Spain who moved to our peninsula last year with his family after living in Vermont and teaching math at Burr and Burton Academy. He will be teaching AP Calculus, Algebra II, Lab Geometry and Personal Finance. He will be living in the Hanley dorm with his family, including his wife Maple, the Hanley dorm parent.

Peter Goss joins the GSA faculty as the Director of College and Career Counseling. He and his wife have purchased a home in Penobscot. He worked in college counseling at several schools in his career, most recently at Sandia Prep in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Among other pursuits, he has also worked as an English teacher and soccer, cross-country and track coach.

Olivia “Maple” Pollock joins the GSA faculty as the Hanley dorm parent. Maple is trained as an environmental educator and has worked extensively as a mentor for children of all ages, primarily in nature-connection and rites of passage work. Maple has a BA in International Intercultural Studies from Pitzer College, has lived many years abroad, and was an international student herself in both high school and college. Maple is excited about helping the international students have a healthy, fun, and connective year at GSA.

Jim Monaghan joins the GSA staff as a custodian. He graduated from Calais High School and worked in maintenance at Washington County Community College for a couple decades. He now lives in Ellsworth.

Matt Billings joins the GSA staff as cook. He is a recent graduate of GSA as well as of the HCTC culinary arts program.

Sarah Carter joins the GSA staff as an Ed Tech. After growing up in Deer Isle, Sarah earned a degree in Elementary Education at the University of Maine. She then worked in New Hampshire before returning to the Peninsula to raise two daughters. She currently lives in Sedgwick.

Student lunch: $5, additional items à la carte. Applications for free or reduced lunch are sent home with our back-to-school mailing. The first week’s menu is posted in our Powerschool Daily Bulletin.

Bus routes are managed by Union 93 and 76.
No-school days
October 11, 14
November 11
November 27-29
December 20, 23-27, 30-31
January 1-3
January 17, 20
February 17-21
March 20
April 20-24
May 25
Graduation: June 14
Last School Day: June 12