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Blue Hill
Originally published in The Weekly Packet, May 3, 2018
GSA plans conference center for summer programs
Education, community and revenue

by Anne Berleant

George Stevens Academy ends its school year in early June but plans are under way to keep the building filled during the summer months.

The Blue Hill Conference Center at George Stevens Academy will offer classroom, residential and dining facilities for events as short as an afternoon workshop or meeting to a three-week robotics, arts and English language summer program for international and local students.

“It’s been a goal of the board [of trustees] for a number of years,” Head of School Tim Seeley said.

Plans for this summer are being solidified but, partnering with The Bashu Ivy School in Chongqing China, rising ninth and tenth grade students may learn robotics, explore their artistic side and study English while also enjoying some weekend outdoor sightseeing and travel. A core of at least 10 international students would receive an introduction to GSA and Blue Hill, staying in the residential dorm on Tenney Hill. Local day students would join for the weekday programs. The three-week program is planned for July.

Opening GSA for community events, for courses, workshops and meetings fulfills one of the initiative’s goals of serving the community while the summer international program will generate needed revenue and offer enrichment, Seeley said. Workshops and programs from outside organizations or companies will do both.

Seeley said GSA may be a little late getting started for this summer but is already in talks with a local organization for a wilderness emergency medical training certification course. That’s one example of the types of programs that the conference center can host. A web page on will allow for posting programs and courses, with individuals able to register on the same page.

“An additional goal is to bring people to Blue Hill to support local businesses,” Seeley noted. “[The conference center] is trying to promote the well being and economy of the peninsula.”

For information on the summer robotics, art and English language program or on using the facility, contact Seeley at 374-2808 or />