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Blue Hill
Originally published in The Weekly Packet, May 10, 2018
‘Building History’ project launched in Blue Hill

Blue Hill Harbor School students map historical buildings

Students from Blue Hill Harbor School are mapping the historical buildings of Blue Hill, with their teacher, Brittany Courtot, front left, and ann Durgin, front right, of the Blue Hill Historical Society.

Photo by Anne Berleant Order prints of selected PBP photos.

A collaborative project uniting the Blue Hill Historical Society and the Blue Hill Harbor School aims to provide a single location where researchers can learn the history of any building in the village.

The village of Blue Hill, at “The Head of the Bay”, has a rich history which begins near the end of the 18th Century. Part of the downtown area has been designated as a National Historic District. There is considerable information available in the archives of the Historical Society about buildings in the central part of town, but this information is scattered through the research done by William P. Hinckley, the writings of R.G.F. Candage, a large file of photographs, and various other notes and records, according to a news release.

The “Building History” project will connect the energy and curiosity of the Blue Hill Harbor School Students with the wealth of information at the Historical Society. It will produce a file of information for each building which will include a current photograph, past photographs where they are available and references to that building from the other archival sources. This information will reside at the Historical Society and will be available to anyone who wishes to access it.

The initial phase of the “Building History” project will develop a system which allows quick access to information regarding the history of each building in the immediate village area.

Beginning early in May, students from the Blue Hill Harbor School will work in groups, supervised by a teacher or other adult, to photograph each building—whether business or residence—from the sidewalk. Each location will be identified by Tax Map and Lot Number, using tax maps available from the town website.

When the photographs have all been taken, the students will use the resources available from the Historical Society to research the history of each building, identifying the original builder and as many former owners as possible.

If you own a building included in the research area, send any information you have about the history of your property to: Blue Hill Harbor School, P.O. Box 1629, Blue Hill, ME 04614, c/o Brittany Courtot. If you have old photographs of your building or past residents, please scan them and email them to, or contact the school to set up an appointment to have them scanned.

Later phases will extend the project to include other sections of the town.