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Originally published in The Weekly Packet, March 8, 2018
George Stevens advances to state jazz competition

The George Stevens Academy Jazz Band

The George Stevens Academy Jazz Band

Photo courtesy of George Stevens Academy

George Stevens Academy’s Jazz Band and its Quinn & the Tuplettes combo will compete at the statewide level after earning the highest ratings possible at the 2018 District Jazz Festival at Ellworth High School on February 28.

The State Jazz Festival takes place on Friday, March 16, and Saturday, March 17, at Nokomis Regional High School in Newport.

The jazz band and the combo were each judged to have given “an outstanding performance that exceeds the expectations for the level entered.”

Judges said George Stevens’ other combos—See Vu Play, Polysaccharide and Low Dow—successfully met expectations and had “many commendable aspects.”

In addition, 15 of the school’s soloists received the highest rating and “Outstanding Soloist” awards, according to a press release.

They are: Isla Brownlow, trombone and drums; Sophia Steinbarger, tenor sax; Nellie Haldane, piano and vibes; Elana Williamson, vibes; Edward Conte, drums; Quinn Stabler, bass; Erika Hipsky, alto sax; Lindsay Nevin, vocals; LeeAnn Varnum, soprano sax; Jason Herrick, bass; Asha Kirkland, vocals; Orien Xu, alto sax; Vu Do, vibes; and Adam Mathewson, vocals .

The Jazz Band’s saxophone section—Orien Xu, Courtney Bianco, Erika Hipsky, Margaret Nevin, Sophia Steinbarger, Lindsay Nevin, LeeAnn Varnum and Ian Howell—was also recognized as “outstanding.”