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Originally published in The Weekly Packet, May 31, 2018
Local filmmaker rolls out new ‘short’ project
Filming at Blue Hill Town Park

Crowdfunding on film

Filmmaker Jim Picariello and producer Kyle Lamont film a crowdfunding promo for Picariello’s short film Passive Aggressive Dads, with shooting scheduled for May 26 and 27 at Blue Hill Town Park.

Photo courtesy of Kyle Chick Photography

by Anne Berleant

A short film lasts only a few minutes, but the funding and planning lasts exponentially longer.

Now, Brooksville filmmaker Jim Picariello is closing in on an initial $6,000 crowdfunding goal for his short film Passive Aggressive Dads from a script he wrote two years ago.

Billed as a “darkly comic revenge fantasy,” Picariello plans to film what happens when two dads are at the park with their young children when a group of loud teenagers drives by. “What’s a sensitive guy who resists confrontation to do but engage in a passive-aggressive act,” he asks on his crowdfunding page, where donations are being accepted until June 2.

Picariello’s last short, The Number 6, shot at David’s Folly Farm in Brooksville, was shown on HBO’s Sesame Street, after he successfully pitched it to producers. This followed his short This Time It’s Shopping, which won five awards on the festival circuit, including Best Short at the Providence Children’s Film Festival.

“It won best film by audience choice, with 3-, 5- and 7-year-olds voting, which was more exciting than the other [awards],” Picariello said.

For Passive Aggressive Dads, Picariello is teaming with Ellsworth producer Kyle Lamont and using mostly local crew and actors. And it won’t be as family-friendly as his last two: “It’s a somewhat inappropriate revenge fantasy about getting older, and being bitter and jealous against those who are young and don’t understand what they have,” he said, laughing. “Hopefully it will have universal appeal.”

Filming was scheduled for May 26 and 27 at Blue Hill Town Park with rain dates of June 2 and 3. The parking lot will be closed, but the park will remain open.