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Blue Hill
Originally published in The Weekly Packet, August 23, 2018
New Blue Hill café adds variety to Main Street

New Blue Hill café

Sandy Fletcher, center, and Bill Fletcher, left, opened Sandy’s Blue Hill Café at 40 Main Street on August 6, with chefs Phil Le Breton and Katherine Yurchick.

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by Anne Berleant

Newly opened in a renovated building, Sandy’s Blue Hill Café offers seating inside, outside, and on an enclosed porch overlooking Main Street.

The café welcomed its first customers on August 6 for a soft opening, ahead of dinners once the front entrance construction is completed.

For now, the café is open 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. except Wednesdays, offering breakfast specials, salads, soups and sandwiches, and frozen pot pies and lobster dip available from the grab-and-go cases.

The café also features coffee and lattes from beans roasted on the premises and bagels baked fresh each morning with specialty cream cheeses.

Chef Phil LeBreton is in charge of the kitchen and menu, with Katherine Yurchick, his fiancée, as assistant chef.

“This was a pretty unique opportunity to custom build a kitchen as well as a menu,” LeBreton said, former chef at the DeepWater Brew Pub in Blue Hill. Yurchick’s experience comes from Fisherman’s Friend/Stonecutters Kitchen in Stonington.

One feature invisible to customers is the air-conditioned kitchen, uncommon for restaurants. As chief bagel baker and coffee roaster, owner Bill Fletcher said that decision was not difficult.

Sandy and Bill Fletcher moved to Brooksville two years ago from Westchester, New York, after selling their medical equipment business.

The café answers the question, “Now what are we going to do?” Bill Fletcher said.

A recent breakfast special was cranberry French toast. Lunch items include pulled pork, lobster sliders, curried or cranberry chicken salad, corned beef or tempeh Reubens, and a lobster bisque.

The dinner menu has not yet been unveiled, but includes shareable appetizers, desserts made in-house, and cheese and charcuterie boards. Wine and beer will be available on tap.

The Fletchers plan to be open year-round. Live “light, up tempo” music is planned for dinner hours.

Despite a soft opening, the café has been busy.

“It’s been awesome,” Sandy Fletcher said, ringing up two frozen pot pies and “whatever bagels are left” for a woman who wandered in after closing.

“The word’s out, all around town, about this place,” the customer said.

The café has a Facebook page, Sandy’s Blue Hill Café, and can be reached at 374-5550.