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Originally published in The Weekly Packet, September 6, 2017
Sedgwick voters approve new retail marijuana moratorium

by Anne Berleant

A 180-day moratorium on retail marijuana was enacted by 24 Sedgwick voters at an August 24 special town meeting, to follow an initial moratorium of the same length that was set to expire at the beginning of September.

“We’re just trying to come at this with our eyes wide reopen,” Third Selectman Ben Astbury said.

Maine Municipal Association had advised voting on a new moratorium rather than extending the previous one because of new, clearer language in the template it provided towns wishing to enact a moratorium.

Discussion before the vote centered on the reasons for a moratorium, which nearly unanimously passed.

“The state hasn’t come up with the required mechanisms to tax or regulate [retail marijuana] in any shape or form,” Astbury said. “Without knowing what the state has in store, it’s hard for us to jump ahead and make rules.”