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Blue Hill
Originally published in The Weekly Packet, October 12, 2017
At 107, Parker Ridge resident reminds us we are ‘never to old to learn’

Majory Chesney
Photo courtesy of Parker Ridge Retirement Community

Marjory Chesney joyfully celebrated her 107th birthday on Sunday, October 1. Marjory has been a resident at Parker Ridge Retirement Community for 17 years. She is the eldest resident in the community, but is recognized for a lot more than that!

Blue Hill had a tradition of offering the Boston Post Cane to the oldest resident in the community. When offered the cane in 2000 at the age of 100, she replied, “No, thank you, I don’t need that!” And to this day, she still doesn’t need a cane.

When asked how she would most like to celebrate her birthday, Marjory answered, “I would like to spend time with family and friends.” And that is just what she did. She had a delightful dinner with her daughter and twin sons and their spouses. She said it was just like old times, with her sons kidding each other about how much cake they could eat. On Monday, October 2, she had a party with her friends at Parker Ridge, enjoying cupcakes, reminiscing, and laughing with them.

When asked her secret to a happy, long life, her reply was, “You need to have a happy disposition and a positive attitude. Enjoy your family, be thankful for the various rewards and challenges of life, and remember that you are never too old to learn.” As you can imagine, someone born in 1910 would have a lot of living to reflect upon. She is grateful for her good health and her four children. Her spirit, fun-loving personality, and great attitude are inspiring to all those around her.

Editor’s note: This account of Marjory Chesney’s 107th birthday celebration was written by staff members at Parker Ridge Retirement Community.