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Originally published in The Weekly Packet, March 16, 2017
Brooksville Elementary under new leadership
Lepper takes reins as new principal

Cammie Lepper

Cammie Lepper was officially named principal of Brooksville Elementary School’s at a school board meeting March 6.

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by Monique Labbe

After becoming Brooksville Elementary School’s interim principal this past December, Cammie Lepper was officially named the school’s new leader at a school board meeting March 6.

Lepper, who has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and a master’s in educational leadership, has been a full-time teacher at the school for several years as a fifth and sixth grade math instructor. Since taking over for former principal Todd Nelson, who parted ways with the school before the holiday break last year, Lepper has also taken over Nelson’s seventh and eighth grade English and Language Arts and Social Studies classes.

Lepper, who just celebrated her 40th birthday this year, grew up in Brooksville, which allows her a unique perspective in her new leadership role, she said.

“I have this opportunity to see the school as a community member, and parent, and a professional,” said Lepper, whose two sons both attend the school. “I’m really invested. I see the role the school needs to play in the community, what parents want from the school atmosphere and, as a professional, I can see what the school is doing or what it should be doing.”

One of the major issues Lepper wants to tackle is communication with community members, something that has been brought up at several school board meetings in the past.

“Transparency is definitely key,” said Lepper. “We have some pretty great things going on here, and it’s important that we’re able to communicate that to people outside of the school community.”

As a teacher and parent of students in the school, Lepper said that when the school year started in September, none of the staff had any idea the school would be without a principal before the turn of the new year.

“This wasn’t where we were expecting to be [come December],” said Lepper. “But when we found out Todd was leaving I knew I was capable and had the certification to step up and do it.”

The process has been a “whirlwind,” said Lepper, who was nominated by the school board as interim principal the week before the holiday break.

“We went to school straight until December 23, and then I remember being on the phone with [Union 93 Superintendent] Mark [Hurvitt] on Christmas Eve trying to figure out the details,” said Lepper. “We didn’t talk Christmas Day but talked the day after because there was just so much to prepare for. When we got back to school it was full steam ahead.”

Now officially the school’s leader, Lepper is excited to help her elementary school alma mater succeed to its potential.

“We have the most amazing kids, our behavior levels are low and they’re really excited about learning. Our staff is great and we’re all really invested in helping the kids grow and learn. I want us to be a small rural school that’s doing a great job, and I want us to be something the town can be proud of,” she said.