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Originally published in Compass, September 4, 2014
Cancer survivors and caregivers asked to mentor others

Remember when you or your loved one heard the words “you have cancer”? Many of us are thrown into a fog—a dreamlike state with little information (if any) actually sinking in. It is this time when a cancer Buddy can be most beneficial. Talking to someone who has walked the path that lies ahead of you can be invaluable, according to a news release from the Cancer Community Center.

The Maine Buddy Program connects those recently affected by cancer with those who have had a similar cancer experience. A best-kept secret is that the Buddy Program is not just for cancer patients. Trained Buddies are available for spouses, partners, friends, family, and the bereaved.

If you have been impacted by cancer and would like to give back—or pay it forward—we welcome your involvement in the Maine Buddy Program. This telephone-based service is a meaningful, manageable way to help those who are newly diagnosed, just finishing treatment, or who have recently suffered a loss.

The Cancer Community Center is offering a Buddy training on Friday, September 19, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Beth C. Wright Cancer Resource Center. Lunch will be provided. Pre-registration is required. The Beth Wright Center is located at 23 Commerce Park in Ellsworth.

If at least six months has passed since your cancer experience or loss, please consider training to become a Maine Buddy. In this six-hour training you will strengthen your listening skills, practice being a non-judgmental supportive presence, learn how to keep appropriate boundaries and learn more about the emotions and processes of dealing with a major illness.

If you would like to become a Maine Buddy or if you need a Buddy contact: Roberta Macko at 664-0339 or []( or Jani Druck at 774-2200 or