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Originally published in The Weekly Packet, March 27, 2014
Sealander uncontested on ballot for school board seat

Sealander seeks re-election to  school board

Mike Sealander runs unopposed for a second term on the Brooklin, Maine school board.

Photo courtesy of Mike Sealander

by Anne Berleant

Mike Sealander seeks his second term on the school board. He runs unopposed for a three-year term.

A father of three, Sealander has one son enrolled at Brooklin School. “Being on the board is a way to be involved in his education,” he said.

Bringing in a new Union 76 superintendent was one of the bigger projects the board undertook during Sealander’s first term. Signing new teacher and staff contracts that included student performance—now required by state statute—as part of the evaluation process was another.

“Hiring Mark Jenkins and having him become familiar with the school and the challenges and opportunities that we face—that has been a rewarding project,” Sealander said.

“With Mark’s leadership, we have much clearer contracts, and I think we have a commitment on the part of the faculty as well as the board to work together to improve educational outcomes.”

The new teacher evaluation process will not be punitive, Sealander said. Rather, the “evaluations can be used as part of the professional development effort that faculty are continuing to do.”

Sealander moved to Maine 13 years ago, and owns an architectural firm based in Ellsworth and Brooklin. He is also running in November for Commissioner of Hancock County.