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Originally published in The Weekly Packet, June 19, 2014
Class of 2014
Brooksville Elementary School honors graduates

by Tevlin Schuetz

The eighth grade class of Brooksville Elementary School graduated on Thursday evening, June 12, in the school gym in front of an audience of family, friends, faculty, school officials and members of the community.

This year’s graduates are Elana Bakeman, Silas Bates, Emma Crosby, Marshal Lebel and Sam Payson.

In Brooksville school tradition, the eighth graders read their class will, which included a number of things—from items of significance to intangible gifts such as pitching skills—to be passed down from the graduates to younger students and to the school.

The guest speaker was Cammie Lepper, teacher of grades 5 and 6 at BES. After relating insightful and often humorous stories about the five graduates, she reminded the students, “You are uniquely from Brooksville.”

Lepper, a Brooksville native herself, assured them that the community will follow their paths through life with interest, no matter what they do or where they end up. “A piece of you will always belong to this community,” she said.

The class of 2014, to show their appreciation to their community, shared with the audience the gift they are presenting to the school: the addition of a new vinyl school logo for the center of the gym floor, where no such decoration exists at present.

The evening’s celebration also featured a video slide show created by Payson and Lebel that included pictures of the five departing students at different points in their lives and from a recent group trip to Boston.

Graduates gave flowers to their parents during the ceremony as well.

Numerous awards were presented to the eighth graders for academic accomplishments, extracurricular achievements and community service by faculty, school staff and representatives from Daughters of the American Revolution, the Brooksville Education Foundation and other members of the community.

Superintendent Mark Hurvitt, principal Denis Howard and teachers Brian Adams and Andrew Sarto awarded certificates of completion to the five students.

The ceremony ended with loud reports of confetti cannons wielded by the graduates, who leapt off the stage to join their families and friends.

Sam Payson, at the Brooksville 2014 graduation

Sam Payson accepts a gift from Michael McMillen of the Brooksville Education Foundation on June 13 at the Brooksville Elementary School graduation in Brooksville, Maine.Photo by Tevlin Schuetz

Photo by Tevlin Schuetz
Brooksville graduates Class of 2014

Brooksville Elementary School graduates are, from left, Sam Payson, Elana Bakeman, Silas Bates, Emma Crosby and Marshal Lebel.They graduated on June 13 in Brooklin, Maine.

Photo by Tevlin Schuetz