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Deer Isle
Originally published in Island Ad-Vantages, January 9, 2014
Union 76 budget approved; up 9.4 percent
Salaries, healthcare drive increase

by Jessica Brophy

On Wednesday, December 18, school board members from Brooklin, Deer Isle, Sedgwick and Stonington unanimously approved the Union 76 central office budget for the 2014-15 school year. The budget is up 9.4 percent, or $43,095 from the current year’s budget.

The bulk of that increase is due to a 22.4 percent increase in the office of special education. Special Education Director OJ Logue was granted an 11.8 percent increase in salary, from $73,364 to $82,000. Superintendent Mark Jenkins said the increase aligns Logue’s salary with his experience level. Logue was hired last year, and has a doctoral degree in higher education administration and many years of experience. Logue replaced Josh Nichols.

Amanda Gray-Fill, administrative assistant for the special services director, was also made full time, from 30 hours per week, 42 weeks per year, an increase from $18,245 to $29,397.

Other increases include a 2.5 percent salary increase for Jenkins, bringing his salary to $102,157. The other primary driver of increased costs was health care increases, which totaled more than $22,639.

Rhonda Eaton was approved as payables bookkeeper at an hourly rate of $18.03. JoAnna Haskell was approved as administrative assistant at $19.22. Amanda Gray-Fill was approved at $14.01 for Special Services Director Secretary.

Three members of the Sedgwick School Board—Clare Grindal, Susan Ford and Michael Sheahan—voted against several of the individual contracts. Grindal, chairman of the Sedgwick School Board, said her vote was cast in opposition “not against anyone in particular, but because we can’t afford this increase right now.” Grindal said the Sedgwick board was assured last year that moving the central office to the Deer Isle-Stonington High School would save Sedgwick money, but Sedgwick’s portion of the central office budget has increased.

In other business, the union board elected officers for the coming year. Skip Greenlaw of Stonington was elected chairman, Frank Bianco Sr. of Brooklin vice chairman and Mike Sealander of Brooklin secretary.