News Feature

Originally published in The Weekly Packet, January 23, 2014
School board seat to be contested in Brooksville election

by Anne Berleant

Nominations closed on January 16 for 12 open municipal and school board seats, with one contested race set between incumbent Brad Jones and Mike McMillan for a three-year term on the school board.

All incumbents have taken out papers in all races. Uncontested seats are:

One three-year term as selectman, with incumbent Richard Bakeman as candidate;

Two three-year planning board seats, with incumbents Denis Blodgett and Philip Wessel as candidates;

Three three-year Budget and Advisory Committee seats, with incumbents Matthew Freedman and John Kimball as candidates; Basil Ladd has not filed papers for reelection to his seat.

One-year term as town clerk, with incumbent Amber Bakeman as candidate;

One-year term as tax collector, with incumbent Yvonne Redman as candidate;

One-year term as town treasurer with incumbent Freida Peasley as candidate;

One-year term as fire chief, with incumbent Matt Dow as candidate; and

One-year term as road commissioner, with incumbent Mark Blake as candidate.

Town meeting will be held on Monday, March 3 (elections) and Tuesday, March 4 (remaining warrant articles).