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Originally published in Seasonal Guide, January 2, 2014
Where to ice skate

• Blue Hill—The public rink on Union Street, sponsored by the Peninsula Skating Association, has a warming shed, a box of skates in varied sizes, and volunteers who help clear the ice. See facebook.com/PSARink.

• Deer Isle—The Lily Pond is a perennial favorite for pond skating; entrance at Deer Run, off Route 15.

• Stonington—Ames Pond, on Indian Point Road. Public skating rink at the basketball courts across from the former elementary school, sponsored by The Island Recreation Board.

• Penobscot—Pierces Pond, on Pierces Pond Road, off Route 199/Bayview Road, and Winslow Stream, off Route 177/Western County Road; both offer a beautiful wooded background to winter skating.