News Feature

Blue Hill
Originally published in The Weekly Packet, August 7, 2014
Blueberries take center stage at local festival

by Ross Gallagher

Slightly overcast skies and the occasional light rainfall did little to hamper the high spirits of Blue Hill’s annual Blueberry Festival patrons.

After being treated to a blueberry pancake breakfast, throngs of jovial blueberry enthusiasts wound their way around the lot behind the First Congregational Church on Main Street’s downtown strip where an alluring array of booths presented curiosities of all kinds.

Handmade crafts, home-baked goods, antiques and collectibles, and of course a variety of blueberry dishes decorated the festival landscape, while local live music drifted out amongst the festival patrons from its source underneath a tent next to the rear church entrance.

The performances included two classic family acts: Rob & Becky McCall, and a surprise performance by Jay Peterson and his daughter Ingrid, all of whom kept the audience entertained into the early afternoon. Meanwhile, children enthusiastically wove their way through the crowd, running from the face-painting booth to the craft tent to the blow-up play pen known as the Bounce House.

A selection of blueberry smoothies, ice cream, and shortcake beckoned kids and adults alike, while some of the more adventurous attendees tried their luck in the silent auction or by hurling a few balls at the dunk tank.