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Blue Hill
Originally published in The Weekly Packet, November 27, 2013
George Stevens Academy awarded $20,000 matching grant

George Stevens Academy has been awarded a $20,000 1:1 matching grant from the Edward E. Ford Foundation for the purpose of creating and implementing improvements in its student advisory program.

Strengthening the school’s advisory program is a top strategic initiative in GSA’s 2013 Strategic Plan: Making Every Student a Success Story. According to a news release from the school, studies have consistently demonstrated that a strong, personalized advisory program correlates with student success in every area—academic, social and emotional, and career guidance—and supports not only individual students, but helps cultivate a schoolwide ethos of personal integrity and responsibility, leadership, mutual respect, concern for community, and mature response to conflict.

Head of School Paul B. Perkinson commented, “We envision a program that leverages our already considerable strengths as a small, student-centered school, to ensure that every student benefits fully from a sustained and sustaining adult mentorship and peer advisory group, by actively partnering with teachers, staff, parents, and guardians to promote the success of every student while at George Stevens Academy.”

The terms of the grant award require GSA to raise $20,000 within the next 14 months which, combined with the matching $20,000 grant, will be used to support professional development and the design, implementation, and assessment of an advisory curriculum over the next two years.

The Edward E. Ford Foundation, based in Brooklyn, N.Y., was established in 1957 “to strengthen and support independent secondary schools and to challenge and inspire them to leverage their unique talents, expertise and resources to advance teaching and learning.”