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Originally published in The Weekly Packet, May 2, 2013
Cigarette and nail polish remover believed to be cause of Sedgwick structure fire

by Faith DeAmbrose

Just minutes after returning from extinguishing a chimney fire on the other side of town on April 27, members of the Sedgwick Volunteer Fire Department were “just heading out of the dooryard of the station,” said Fire Chief David Carter, when they were called to a structure fire off Ridge Road.

The fire, which is believed to have started when a lit cigarette came in contact with fabric soaked with spilled nail polish remover, quickly got out of control in a mobile home owned by Aaron and Jill Carter. The inhabitants of the home got out safely before the fire spread.

Chief Carter said the department was toned out at 9:38 p.m. and because they were in close proximity, made it to the fire in five minutes. When the department members arrived on scene, said Carter, the fire had mostly engulfed the trailer. “Crews began an interior attack, but it was just too hot and they had to leave and fight the fire from outside,” said Carter, adding that eventually they were able to get back inside, but by that time the home was a total loss. “We weren’t able to save much of anything inside the house,” he said.

Sedgwick received assistance from Blue Hill and Brooklin; the Deer Isle Fire Department stood by at their station to cover the area. Carter estimates there were approximately 40 firefighters on scene to fight the fire. The Sedgwick department cleared the scene around 1 a.m.

It is unknown if the house was insured.