News Feature

Originally published in The Weekly Packet, March 28, 2013
Brooklin School budget up 5.2 percent

by Jessica Brophy

On Saturday, April 6, residents of Brooklin will gather at the elementary school for town meeting. On the agenda is a school budget for 2013-14 up 5.2 percent from the current year’s budget.

The proposed budget totals $1,688,900, an increase of $83,526 over the current school year. The local share, to be raised by taxes, is an increase of 2.87 percent, or about $48,000, said Superintendent Mark Jenkins. About $35,000 will be moved from reserve accounts to help offset costs to taxpayers, an idea suggested by selectmen, said Jenkins.

The bulk of the budget increase—$61,260—comes from regular and special education tuition for high school students. There are five seniors graduating this year, and eight eighth-graders plus one transfer, said Jenkins. Secondary tuition is estimated to be $9,300 per student.

The elementary education budget increased .7 percent, or a little more than $20,000. While the projections are not available for next year yet, Jenkins said the administration expects fewer students than the current year. This year there are 52 elementary school and six preschool students.

The other major increase for the budget is $25,000 for work on the school’s roof. The funds are enough to replace approximately 25 percent of the roof, over the middle level wing—to the right of the main entrance.