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Originally published in The Weekly Packet, March 21, 2013
Brooklin school board in need of one more member

by Jessica Brophy

Voters in Brooklin will head to the polls April 5 to elect candidates to two open school board seats. Only one name will appear on the ballot, with the other elected person to come from either a write-in or a school board appointment after the election. Incumbent Stacia Nevin will appear on the ballot.

After testing out a one-year term on the school board to see if it would work for her schedule, Stacia Nevin decided to run for a full three-year term. Nevin describes herself as “pretty outspoken, but not too stubborn, and willing to see other points of view.”

Nevin said she is “greatly pleased” with the performance of new superintendent Mark Jenkins and cites his arrival as one of the reasons she wants to stay on the board.

Her goals for a second term would include expanding the preschool program from a half-day to full-day to better support working parents, and to keep the school’s standards high. The primary challenge would be declining enrollment, she said.

“This is such a sweet school,” said Nevin. “It’s such a great place to be in.”