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Originally published in The Weekly Packet, June 20, 2013
Surry’s Class of 2013 praised at June 13 “celebration”

Surry Elementary School Class of 2013

Surry Elementary School Class of 2013 moments before they lined up to march off for their Promotional Celebration on Wednesday, June 12. Seated, left to right: Hanna Jordan, Randa Rhodes, Amber Moir, Ashley-Lynn Tracy, Eric Ouelette and Alex Shorey; standing, left to right: Cody Sawyer, Maya Jacques, Rachel Cole, SaraRose French, Jacob Lewis, Bryce Harmon and Khemani Peasley.

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by Bette Britt

Surry Elementary School’s Class of 2013 observed all their usual traditions under the heading of a Promotional Celebration on Wednesday, June 12. It suited Rachel Cole, SaraRose French, Bryce Harmon, Maya Jacques, Hanna Jordan, Jacob Lewis, Amber Moir, Eric Ouellette, Khemani Kenneth Peasley, Randa Rhodes, William Sawyer, Alex Shorey and Ashley-Lynn Tracy just fine.

The 13 students entered the school gymnasium in stately single file, sat upon the stage for the last time as grade school students to participate in Surry school traditions like Remember When (Harmon, Peasley), Predictions (Shorey, Lewis), Miss Most (Rhodes, French) and Thank You (Moir, Ouellette). They starred in a slide show of their lives from toddlers to budding high school freshmen, shown wearing bright blue Surry Elementary School jerseys and waving, and listened to a poem by classmate Jacques and a song containing the words—“Because I knew you, I’ve been changed for good…”—sung by Jordan. They shared credit for their class gift of something useful to the school many had attended for eight years (Tracy, Sawyer) and “remembered when” in their own ways as Cole and Jordan shared center stage to speak of their school years from the perspective of Class of 2013 honor students.

In opening remarks, Principal Cathy Lewis assured the crowd they would enjoy the program, “a milestone not just for them, but for you…. They’re here tonight because you’re here tonight,” she told parents, relatives, friends and neighbors seated in chairs and on bleachers.

Guest speaker and junior-high teacher Lynn Bonsey said the school’s getting an A rating from the state didn’t scratch the surface of what a “wonderful little school it is.” She credited “positive relationships” in good times and tough ones, then delivered a list of basic tips on how to get along, not specifically aimed at the 13 eighth-graders. They ran the gamut from striving to be kind and tolerant to cultivating a sense of humor, learning to apologize and remembering to say thank you; she also mentioned students who’d left town but returned to join the Class of 2013 and how each had contributed to making the group unique. “Who knew I’d spend part of each day discussing sports?” she quipped. The long-time teacher closed by stating the Class of 2013 appeared to be well on its way of “cultivating positive human relationships,” before stepping aside to let Cole and Hanna share honor addresses before awards were presented.

Eric Ouellette was named Male Student Athlete by baseball coach James Harmon, and Amber Moir was named Female Student Athlete by coach Steve Bemiss. The Surry Citizenship Award was presented to Hanna Jordan by Selectman Bemiss.

After diplomas were awarded by school board chairman Marlene Tallent and Union 93 Superintendent Mark Hurvitt, the Class of 2013 left the stage in high spirits and formed a receiving line along one side of the gym. Hugs, congratulations and refreshments marked the end of their Promotional Celebration.