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Blue Hill
Originally published in The Weekly Packet, June 20, 2013
Blue Hill’s Bay School graduates the Class of 2013

Bay School graduates

Bay School graduates 16 students on June 12. Front row, from left, Sophia Leone Ragot, Emma Makoi Larson-Whittaker, Joy Taylor Cartwright, Jessica Lucy Soukup and Marinda Almead Boëchat. Back row, from left, Trent Austin Goodman, Garrison Angus Looke, Oliver McNulty Dillon, Julian Millet Lindholm Fiske, Beckett Wellington Sargent Slayton, Silas Greene Ziner, Merin Saunders Slaven Brache, Maya Rachel Catherine Ibarguen, Bella Thelma Cimeno, Samuel Whiting Trowbridge and Evan Michael Soukup.

Photo courtesy of Ken Woisard

by Anne Berleant

The Bay School held its eighth-grade graduation ceremony on June 12, ushering 16 students into the next phase of their school career.

This was one of the largest classes ever graduated from the private pre-K through eighth-grade school, according to the school.

On stage before a backdrop of slender trees that formed a screen of green leaves, the graduates continued the school tradition of introducing each other after sharing their own memories and thoughts on their Bay School years.

Many began with impressions from eight years earlier when they entered kindergarten.

“I was not exactly school material yet,” said Samuel Trowbridge.

From bare feet to shiny red shoes, from dreadlocks to jackets and ties to pretty dresses of every length, each of the students paid tribute to their teachers and to the school.

“Bay School did not mold me. It let me slowly open up, crack my shell and dance upon it,” said Bella Cimeno.

Director Khalif Williams opened the commencement by thanking outgoing board trustees Fred Heilner and Heather McCargo, who also directed the agricultural arts curriculum.

“Most green things you see growing on our campus, Heather had something to do with it,” Williams said.

Also leaving the school is “one of the school’s guardian angels,” business manager Judy Robbins, who was “among the people whose idea this school was,” said teacher Ian Chittenden.

Williams, Marianne Vandiver, chairman of the board of trustees, and teachers Kristy Cunnane and Scott Springer awarded diplomas before the entire student body filled the stage to sing, ending with the lyrics:

We can’t return we can only look

Behind from where we came

And go round and round and round

In the circle game.