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Originally published in The Weekly Packet, June 13, 2013
Cause and origin of Sedgwick Fire is undetermined

by Faith DeAmbrose

According to the Maine Fire Marshal’s office, the cause and origin of the fire that destroyed a building at the Sedgwick Storage Facility on June 1 is undetermined and the investigation has been closed.
Fire Marshal Tim York said that due to the extent of the damage, it is impossible to know the exact cause and origin of the fire.
Firefighters at the scene on June 1 had to call in heavy equipment late in the day in order to get under the layers of metal that had fallen inward to fully extinguish the smoldering debris.
At the time, Sedgwick Fire Chief David Carter told The Weekly Packet that while it was not ideal to use the heavy equipment because it would likely hamper an investigation, it was necessary to ensure the fire did not reignite.
The Sedgwick Fire Department remained in contact with the Fire Marshal’s office throughout the day on June 1 and apprised them of the need for heavy equipment, said Carter.
An investigator from the Fire Marshal’s office began the investigation on June 3 and closed it within a few days.